! Barton Creek & Butterfly Farm !


Barton Creek Cave is a primarily single-passage resurging stream cave. By 2002 a cave survey had been completed by the Western Belize Regional Cave Project, recording a total of 6400 m of passages; dye traces at sinking streams above the cave indicated that there could be a further 6 km of cave passages beyond the terminal sumps. By 2005 the Xibalba Mapping and Exploration Team had extended the survey to 8 km.

Butterfly Farm

Green Hills is research orientated. The main flight area makes it possible to study interactions between different butterfly species. A checklist to the butterflies of Belize was produced here. In addition, there is ongoing research in other known in Belize for their environmental and ecological studies. Much attention is also devoted to conservation activities. 

One species new to science that was discovered at Green Hills is Cithara canthus meermani It is a medium sized tarantula spider. So far, this species is known only from the northern edge of the Maya Mountains.

Departure: 8.00 AM

Duration:  full day tour

Dress code : Light clothing, adequate footwear

What to bring along: Camera, bug spray, sunscreen, and water, extra dry clothe to change and towel

Booking Price: US $130.00 Per Person ( 2 minimum)

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