! Mountain Pine Ridge !


The reserve is predominantly pine forest (58.5%), primarily Honduras pine, Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis, but with a significant broadleaf forest component (36.8%). There are small areas of grassland (3.4%) and wetland (0.6%). Roads, rivers and other features make up the remainder of the area (10.9%). The climate is subtropical with a rainy season from July to February. During the dry season (February to May) temperatures may reach 39 °C (102 °F) with a humidity level of 70%.

The majority of the reserve is situated on a granite massif, with some areas of limestones in the west of the reserve (remnants of a limestone plateau laid during the Jurassic). Sinkholes and caves are common in the limestone areas. The underlying soils are predominantly sandy. The elevation of the reserve averages between 400 and 700 m (1,312 to 2,296 ft) with the highest point being Baldy Beacon at 1,017 m (3,336 ft), and dropping to 120 m (394 ft) at the lowest point on the Macal River.

The Macal River forms the boundaries of the reserve to the west and south and is fed by tributaries including Rio Frio, Rio On, Privassion Creek and Pinol Creek. To the north-east some small streams feed into Barton Creek.



Departure: 8:00 AM

Duration:  full day tour

Dress code : Light clothing, adequate footwear (expect for cloth to get wet)

What to bring along: Camera, bug spray, sunscreen, and water, extra clothe to change, towel


Booking Price : US $ 95.00 Per Person( 2 minimum) 

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