! Caracol !



Caracol “Snail” (25,000 acres)


Located on the western edge of the Maya Mountains within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol lies on a high plateau of 500m above sea level that drops into a deep valley to the northwest and rises into hilly terrain to the southwest. The site was discovered in 1938 by Rosa Mai, a logger looking for mahogany. That same year the Archaeological Commissioner, A.H. Anderson, visited the site and named it ‘Caracol’ (Spanish for ‘snail’).   This site is also where Caana, Caana in Maya means “sky place.” It is made up of palaces and temples. 




Departure: 7.00 AM

Duration:  full day tour

Dress codeShirt or long pants, Comfortable footwear.

What to bring alongCamera, bug spray, sunscreen, and water

Booking Price : US$ 110.00 Per Person ( 2 minimum) 

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